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Learning environment

In terms of teaching space and equipment, the Center has established language classrooms and scenario classrooms, to provide English teaching and scenario teaching set-up, as well as planning for various humanities cultivation activities.


Multimedia digital learning language classroom

It provides a complete multimedia digital teaching environment, including listening, speaking, reading and writing simulation tests, supplemented by audio-visual teaching materials and oral interaction, to enhance students' interest in language learning and improve learning outcomes.

Magic House

Through creating English language scenarios, carry out English interactive course teaching and activities, such as: Christmas Joyful English Festival, gauntlet games, Thanksgiving Dinner, and theater performance to enhance the cross-cultural humanities cultivation and international outlook.

Art and Culture Hall

The Art and Culture Hall is one of the scenario classrooms. In the front is a half-round red stage set up with long wooden tables and sofa benches, decorated with calligraphy wallpapers and calligraphy and painting scrolls to create an elegant, comfortable and Chinese-culture inspired teaching environment. The Center's tea art, calligraphy, reading, performance, and art courses enhance students' learning effectiveness through the artistic and cultural atmosphere of the scenario classroom.

Literary Corridor

Works by the students from the "Poetry Appreciation and Creation" and the "Beauty and Culture of Han Characters" are hung on either side of the corridor. Wander down the path and experience the beauty of literature and art.

Art Exhibition Room

The students' works such as calligraphy, photography, composition, crafts, and study portfolios are displayed in the Art Exhibition Room, in order to cultivate students' humanistic qualities and art appreciation skills.