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Intensive general education pilot features:

(1) Since the 2007 academic year, the Center has been subsidized by the Ministry of Education for school-wide programs and curriculum programs. In the future, the Center will continue to apply for the various programs of the Ministry of Education to strengthen the teaching resources and enhance the teaching force and quality.

(2) Students are the center of learning, with the focus on transforming students' learning style and continuously improving and enhancing the content and methods of teaching, develop innovative teaching methods, and improve students' learning outcomes.

(3) Strengthen basic language ability by promoting the teaching of small classes in first year Chinese language course, teaching of small classes in first year English language, and level-based teaching in second year English, in order to improve students' basic language ability.

(4) Strengthen students' reading and narrative skills, continue to strengthen humanities and citizenship education, and establish general education with life education as the core.

(5) Continue to strengthen the integration of professional and general education, and shape the general education concept of the whole school through various cooperation channels and mechanisms.

(6) Plan a flexible curriculum and provide more diverse and flexible learning channels.